New Toogood Clothing Collection #006

Toogood, a new line to Santa Fe Dry Goods, is the collaboration between the sisters Faye and Erica Toogood. Their latest annual collection, #006, offers a respectful inspiration and a realistic perspective of a pastoral and agrarian lifestyle.

The aesthetic of the collection remains very true to its roots; it is not simply stolen and then reimagined for another lifestyle. It is real and wearable clothing, made from natural material, for hardworking lifestyles full of movement.

There is a deep and honest strive to reconnect with the earth, with materials such as cotton, linen, and ramie, and in colors inspired by nature and the production of carefully cultivated land. Soot black, rhubarb fuschia pink, and milk white are some of the colors used in their remarkable Toogood structural forms that are created in a modern approach to ideals of the past.

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