New Geoffrey B Small Spring Summer 2017 Exclusive Collection

Geoffrey B. Small’s exclusive collection, made especially for Santa Fe Dry Goods, is now available. It is entirely handmade by skilled artisans in the village of Cavarzere in Venice, Italy. The collection features exciting new silhouettes using elegant and organic natural Italian fabrics. This season Geoffrey B. Small collaborated with the family fabric mill Tessuti Parisotto that specializes in weaving natural fibers in a refined urban style. The collection features certified organic cashmere, silk, cotton, indigo, and linen, all produced with minimal environmental impact.

The creation process that takes place in the natural landscape of Cavarzere has allowed for distinct characteristics to develop in each piece. The textiles develop unique qualities and patinas from being washed and dyed in the Adige river, which contains calcium among other properties, and from drying in the brilliant Cavarzere summer sun. While the processes are time consuming and hands-on, they are true to timeless, century-old methods that are ecologically sustainable and create an irreplicable distinctiveness to each item produced.

This collection features handmade details, new advanced patchwork, reversible designs, and continued advancement in sustainable clothing-making methods.

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