Etro Women Runway Silk Knit Black and White Poncho and DressFrom the Spring Summer 2017 collection, we get a sense of the effortless world-inspired style that is Etro. While each piece breathes intricacies that keep the eye interested, the overall effect creates a casual elegance. This is the balance between eras past and the modern style.

As Etro Clothing is known, each piece has luxurious silk. The smooth and glistening, or soft and delicate, can layer to add dimension. With the paisley mastered by Etro, there is the prominent and notable use of stripes. In this collection, stripes come as their own or slowly blend into paisley, embroidery, or run perpendicular to other stripes.

First from the runway show, begins the striking use of black and white. The two colors when used together build a powerful yet cohesive look. However, this monochromatic and contrasting palette is so classic, it has become a familiar refreshment between the change of seasons.

Black and white are neutral of time and season. The two can be seen as symbolic, unaffected by trends, of the two seasons. Blending the two is classic and timeless. Also, it becomes a starting point, in which color hints of what is to come can be easily added.