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Last Shipment of Avant Toi Vintage Hermes Tie Dyed Cashmere Shawls for Winter

Our last shipment of Avant Toi shawls arrived yesterday. There are a few coveted red/orange motifs in the box. We also will introduce a softer brown/grey set of shawls that haven’t been seen by our Buyer before.

Staff Pick: The Perfect Holiday Blouse from Etro

Etro does it again by adding a strong chocolate color in with the black that makes this Etro blouse great with chocolate leather leggings (our favorite is Vencouvert) during the other parts of the year.

Santa Fe Dry Goods Builds Out Its Shoe Department With Officine Creative Shoes

Paris, France: “The Officine Creative Spring/Summer collection was fantastic, with great styles constructed on their winning heal…,” said the buyer for Santa Fe Dry Goods. The collection at Santa Fe Dry Goods will be a mix of open and closed-toe styles. Officine Creative has succeeded in delivering excellent styles for both season, which is something that many shoe manufacturers struggle with. The collection at Santa Fe Dry Goods will be a range of slightly lighter but tonal colors that will make the shoes wearable across three seasons.