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Position: Customer Service Coordinator/Web Sales Specialist 

FromBorn & Raised in the desert town of El Paso, Texas, but  moved to Santa Fe in 2010

Interests: Art & Photography, My Dogs , Gardening & Botany, Psychology , Feminism & Social Justice

Favorite DesignersDamir Doma for play of light and shadow and textile selection. Dries Van Noten for taking generally tacky ideas and making them beautiful and fresh. Black Crane for creating beautiful and simple silhouettes with cuts that transcend any current trend.

Style IconsKaren O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Tilda Swinton, Most species of bats, My Mother

Style Philosophy: Depends on the day.

What are you wearing: A favorite piece of mine, a Dries Van Noten Denim Jacket with orchids printed on the sleeves

Why Santa FeWho knows. I enjoy it well enough to not be in a rush to move away just yet.