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Position: Inventory & Makeup Artist

From: Keshena, Wisconsin

Interests: Makeup, veganism, trance music, health & fitness and eating

Current Favorite Song: Cosmic Gate; I am really into a lot of their songs.

Current Favorite Book: Harry Potter has a lot of sentimental value.

Who are you inspired by?: I am inspired by people who work hard to be the best at what they do. People who refine themselves or can diversify themselves into many talents. Currently, I am inspired by @isshehungry on Instagram for their creative and artistic abilities; another inspiration is Earthling Ed for his calm and rational approach to animal activism.

Style Philosophy: I personally have a simple closet. If it comes in black and I can move freely in it, I love it.

Dream Vacation: Burning Man

What do you love most about Santa Fe?: I moved here with my family when I was a teenager from a very rural area. Santa Fe is not a big city and has a sense of calmness, while also having an artistic community of many cultural backgrounds.