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Gilda Midani Resort: Polka Dots

Gilda Midani has a freeing aesthetic – comfort becomes disguised as elegance that flows through airy lines and organic silhouettes. Brush strokes and textural elements lend a hand in making this line truly artistic as dyed edges blend into one another. Richly colored teals reminiscent of seaside waters can be seen alongside dusty pinks similar to those painting the clouds at sunset. Above all, Gilda Midani’s Resort 2019 collection brings to the forefront a pattern which has been around for ages and turns it on its head.

Polka dots obtained their name from polka dance, which was popular when the pattern grew in usage. In years since the creation of the pattern, polka dots have been used traditionally on a number of garments, such as flamenco dresses and performance attire. Due to their application in history however, polka dots are often seen as being inherently diminutive or automatically “feminine.”

However, the origins and connotations of polka dots do not share much with their current usage in Gilda Midani’s line. Expressive dyeing has become a signature for Gilda’s work, and her newest collection is a perfect example. Largely printed with organically shaped edges bordering on something more rough, Gilda’s polka dot patterns are provocative and filled with personality. Energetic playfulness radiates from each garment, while the textiles allow you to enjoy style in comfort.

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