Style Report

Embracing Emerald

The first thing that comes to mind when most people think of fall, are the changing colors of the leaves. As such, fall is often epitomized through warm, auburn hues, mimicking the warmth we tend to crave as the temperature drops. This year however, there is a new color on the horizon! Whether it’s an attempt to hold on to the final remnants of summer, or embrace the fast approaching winter season, emerald is the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

It can easily be styled in vibrant or darker subdued tones, for those who want to indulge in the trend but aren’t quite as accustomed to demanding attention through their color choices. Regardless of your tonal preference, one thing is for sure: this color is versatile and fit for a variety of occasions. Pieces like our Jaga Raw Edge Shirt, and Casey Casey Washed Silk Top, carry enough elegance to blend in with your quintessential workday outfit. Paired with dress pants and a blazer, the rich, jewel-toned color adds an extra level of sophistication. Similarly, although Avant Toi creates a grungy take on the luxe that Hania strives to emanate, both designers produce knitwear that can act as a subtle accent and provide tremendous warmth. When worn with jeans and booties, these cozy sweaters will elevate any look.

Despite the fact that emerald is known as the gem of spring, there is no reason this lush color should be welcomed into autumn with anything other than open arms.