Our Best Metallic Pieces for Celebrating the New Year & More

Silver and gold have always lived in the realm of regal opulence. For years they have been used as a hallmark in the creation of grand outfits, revered for their visual impact, and implemented everywhere in history from Ancient Egypt, to China and even Europe. As such, metallic items have become a recurring trend, and this year is no exception. Silver and gold can liven up even the simplest of outfits, or serve as a neutral when paired with complex prints and patterns. Although wearing such reflective fabrics can be intimidating, using a singular item as a pop of color makes it more wearable, and is something anyone can do. Here are 18 of our favorite metallic items, and some ideas for styling them.

Metallic Tops

Etro is arguably known best for their use of print. Their most recent pieces featured on our website echo Egyptian relics from the past, and are a great example of Veronica Etro’s ability to express volumes through her designs. Among the rich paisley prints and vibrant colors is their velvet metallic top, which can be paired with jeans for a more casual look.

Metallic Sweaters

Avant Toi has always been at the cutting edge of luxury knitwear. Cashmere has always been associated with luxury, while distressed pieces typically lie on the other end of the spectrum. Creating a juxtaposition by combining two distinctly different qualities, Avant Toi have crafted items like their Studded & Speckled Metallic Sweater, that prove these two ideas might not be so polarizing after all. These sweaters can easily be worn with any jean, though Avant Toi often lends itself to a more distressed aesthetic.

Metallic Outerwear

Although the past is a large influence for Ümit Ünal, he ultimately designs for the future, and is unconcerned with ever changing trends. He designs silhouettes that are suitable to wear everyday, so it’s interesting to see an element of his design coincide with the color that’s on everyone’s mind. His metallic coat is subtle enough to be worn daily, whether it’s over classically shaped outfits or more alternative styles.

Metallic Scarves

Faliero known internationally for their exquisite, finely woven and hand finished scarves that are made in the true tradition of the Italians. Each Faliero Sarti scarf is made of natural fibers such as wool, cashmere, silk and linen. Items like the Sarti Venusia Scarf are perfect for those who want to test the waters with this trend. Thin metallic threads are woven into this Faliero scarf, create a subdued shine that shimmers in a way similar to the stars. It can be worn over a simple cashmere sweater, proving it is possible to implement practical luxury in everyday wear.

Metallic Handbags

Unparalleled in quality and craftsmanship, Campomaggi bags are about more than just clean and classic lines. Each bag is filled with soul and personality, making them a great addition to any outfit. Pair the Large Metallic Shopping Tote in Bronze with a simple outfit for a burst of color, or the Laser Cut Bag in Silver for a more restrained take on this glimmering trend.

Metallic Shoes

Golden Goose took the word distressed and gave it new meaning. Guided by the belief that “worn” shoes do not have to sacrifice quality, these sneakers are handcrafted by artisans, with a truly modern take on a vintage aesthetic. These Glitter Francy Sneakers are casual enough to be worn daily, and paired easily with any distressed jean.