An Evening of Inspired Design

with authors Julie Goebel & Caitlin Flemming; featuring stylist Jill Sharp Weeks

Please join us at Wild Life next week for an exciting evening with bestselling authors Caitlin Flemming and Julie Goebel to celebrate the release of their latest book, Sense of Place: Design Inspired by Where We Live. This highly-anticipated compendium of style chronicles how top designers and creatives envision their own living spaces by drawing on the inspiration of “place”. From the English countryside to the coasts of Mallorca to the deserts of the Southwestern US, Flemming and Goebel reveal the natural harmony found between homes and their exterior surroundings – along with practical tips for styling your own. 

Event Details

The authors will be in-store on Friday, October 20th from 4 to 7pm, for a meet-and-greet and book signing, followed by a panel discussion  at 5:30 – joined by interior designer and stylist Jill Sharp Weeks.  

During the event in Wild Life we will be serving hors’ d’oeuvres alongside a curated tasting of wines from the Willamette Valley in Oregon, a region hailed for its rich, contemporary viniculture. At the same time in Santa Fe Dry Goods and Workshop, we will be releasing a few special collections from some of our favorite designers, including Bokja, Kaval, Biyan and Uma Wang Runway.

We look forward to seeing you there! 

From left: Authors Julie Goebel and Caitlin Flemming

About the Participants

Caitlin Flemming is the coauthor of both Sense of Place and Travel Home. She wrote both books with her mother, Julie Goebel. Caitlin has had her own design firm since 2012 and has projects throughout the Bay Area as well as scattered throughout the United States. She is always training her eye through travel and finding inspiration in nature. She especially enjoys antiquing and loves to find out the stories behind the pieces she finds. Caitlin lives in San Francisco with her husband, Eric, and their two children, Jackson and Amelia, and their dog, Penny. 

Julie Goebel is a humanities teacher and loves sharing her passion for writing with her students. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her grandchildren. Julie, a humanities teacher, also resides in San Francisco, where she embraces the fog and often walks the beaches close to her home.

Jill Sharp Weeks is renowned locally, nationally and beyond for her architectural, styling and interior design work. Her oeuvre juxtaposes cultural aesthetics and thematic eras to create something entirely new. She is the ultimate editor – eschewing flashy trends and excess in favor of the spectacularly beautiful and unexpected.

Dining Room in Jill Sharp Weeks’ Santa Fe Home. Image from Sense of Place, 2023
Jill Sharp Weeks

Books will be available to purchase in-store. Advanced copies can be purchased online at or with your preferred book retailer.

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