Denis Colomb Scarves

denis“This spring found us captivated by the tropical Polynesian Islands. The lagoons with their gorgeous hues of blues, coral reefs and their brightly colored fish; the captivating array of colors found in mother of pearl, and the lush tropical forests overflowing with exotic plants and flowers, have infused our collection with their colors and patterns. Our search for the finest and rarest offerings have led us to India, and with the help of a small fair trade organization, we are now able to introduce into our collection hand-loomed cottons, in natural dyed colors, as well as fine hand-woven printed silks. In Nepal, our workshops continue making the sheerest cashmere weaves and lightest fiber combinations for our shawls, knits, and woven apparel. Whether you summer in the Amagansett or Malibu, Patmos or Tangiers, this collection will accompany you on your journey with elegance and ease.”
Denis Colomb

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