Rewards Program

What are Rewards?

Rewards are our way of saying “thank-you”. In the past, we have issued Rewards once a year in the form of gift cards to be used in any of our storefronts. In 2021, we shifted to a new system that allows us to issue these rewards more frequently and with ease. Throughout the year, our clients earn a percentage back on their spending in the form of our new Rewards points. Every dollar spent on the purchase of full price, non-discounted items equals one point. Earned points are eligible to be redeemed as soon as one month after the purchase is made. They are good for use in any of our stores or online, and expire a year after they were earned on a rolling basis.

2020 Rewards Program:
In March of 2020, we initially posted that we would not be able to support our Rewards Program due to the financial impact of COVID-19. As with all retailers, it was a year in which we had to dramatically downsize everything we did: our buying budget, the number of designers we supported, the number of people on staff, a cleaning service, all marketing programs, etc. Come the Fall, we decided that we would fund the program at 50% to clients and use the other 50% towards the unimaginable impact of COVID and other hardships the world was enduring at the time.

As we as a business try to recover from the COVID economy, we intend to recontribute each client’s “lost rewards” from last year into the new program that we have instituted going forward, in addition to whatever rewards they earn in our 2021 program. These 2020 rewards do have an expiration of Nov 15th, 2021. For more about our rewards program, please send your inquiry to or call Shobhan directly at 505.216.6540.

How to Enroll:
If you are interested in joining the program, any full-price, non-discounted purchase will get you in! Any points earned on your purchase can be redeemed two weeks afterwards.

When are Rewards Available:
Rewards are available 4 weeks after an eligible purchase. They are recorded digitally in your account, and can be easily looked up by any sales associate.

How to Redeem Rewards Online:
If you wish to redeem your Rewards through an online purchase, please call our Web Store at (505) 982-6192 before placing your order to ensure your Rewards are processed correctly.

Do Rewards Expire:

Rewards points expire a year after the purchase they were earned, on a rolling basis. For example, if you earned 100 points on April 15th, those points would expire April 15th of the next calendar year. 2020 Rewards expire on November 16th, 2021. Both 2020 Rewards and Rewards Points are available for use in any of our three stores or our web store. 

Any More Questions:
For any questions or inquiries about this program or your own Rewards balance, please feel free to Contact Us at any time. We are more than happy to answer all of your questions and deeply appreciate your support of our business.