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Rewards Program

What It Is:
The Santa Fe Dry Goods, Workshop, and Wild Life Rewards Program is our way of thanking you for shopping at our stores.
On November 15th of each calendar year, we give you back a percentage of your annual spending on full priced, non-discounted items in the form of a “Rewards” gift card.
The gift card will be sent to you in late November / early December for you to use before November 15th of the next calendar year.
Rewards can be applied towards new purchases in either Santa Fe Dry Goods, Workshop, Wild Life or our website.

How they are calculated:

Client Purchases* Rewards

$3,000  = $100
$5,000 = $310
$7,500 = $465
$10,000 = $620
$15,000 = $930
$20,000 = $1,240
$30,000 = $1,860
$40,000 = $2,480
$50,000+ = $3,100

*Purchases for full-priced, non-sale items & gift cards only

How to Enroll:
If you are interested in meeting any tier of the program, any full priced purchase (including a gift card purchase), totaling $3,000 or more, before November 15th will automatically enroll you in the program!
Before November 15th, any eligible purchases made will be applied to your account for rewards.

When are Rewards Available:
Rewards gift cards are annually mailed via USPS to your mailing address on file in late November to early December. The Rewards gift card will also be recorded in your account, and can be easily looked up by any sales associate.
When November 15th nears, if you are close to qualifying for a certain tier of the Rewards program, we will give you a courtesy call or email to inform you of the spending required to meet the next tier.

How to Redeem Rewards Online:
If you wish to redeem your Rewards through an online purchase, please call our Web Store at (505) 982-6192 before placing your order, to ensure your Rewards are processed correctly.

Do Rewards Expire:
Rewards gift cards expire on November 15th of the next calendar year from when they are issued.

Any More Questions:
If you have any questions at all about Rewards, feel free to Contact Us at any time! We are more than happy to answer all of your questions.