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Rewards Program

A Letter from Shobhan (Owner/ Buyer, Santa Fe Dry Goods, Workshop & Wild Life)

This past year has brought many changes to our company, including our ultimate goals for who we are. The interconnectedness of our world and the dramatic impact of COVID-19 has motivated an even greater focus on leveraging our passion for the business to support the world’s critical needs. Our mission, to provide beautifully crafted goods from all over the world
that celebrate history and nature, speaks to a future full of artistry and optimism.

In order to achieve this future, we have set a goal to give away $50,000 by December 1st. To do this in a challenging year, we are modifying our Rewards Program to dedicate 50% of Rewards monies to nonprofits. By December 1st, half of your eligible Rewards will be added into your account for use through November 15th, 2021. The other half will be directed as charitable contributions. Any Rewards unused by the next year will be donated as well. Our goal is to incorporate charitable giving into the very fabric of our mission and increase these donations going forward. 

Finally, we wish to thank you for shopping with us and supporting us this year. We hope you can join us in striving for this more significant change in our purpose. It is a year to fight for artistry and optimism! If you have questions about this change to the program or would like to donate your 50% of rewards, please call me directly at 505.216.6540.

Most sincerely, and with a big hug,

What are Rewards?
On November 16th of each calendar year, we give our clients back a percentage of their annual spending in the form of annual Rewards. This percentage is based upon the previous year’s spending on full-priced, non-discounted items. In the year 2020, these rewards will be issued digitally to your account with us here at the stores. 

These rewards are good for use in any of our stores or online through November 15th of the next calendar year. As stated above, this year we have chosen to donate half of all Rewards monies to local & national non-profits doing critical work. The remainder will be available for use in your account through the next expiry date, November 15th, 2020. Any Rewards unused by the next expiry date will be donated as well. If you would like to donate the full amount of your rewards immediately, please contact us at help@santafedrygoods.com or call Shobhan directly at 505.216.6540.

Rewards Tiers
The following are the Rewards tiers that will be issued into eligible accounts based on previous year’s spending on full-priced, non-sale items, from 11/16/19 to 11/15/20:

Spent = Earned
$3,000  = $100
$5,000 = $155
$7,500 = $235
$10,000 = $310
$15,000 = $465
$20,000 = $620
$30,000 = $930
$40,000 = $1,240
$50,000+ = $1,550

How to Enroll:
If you are interested in meeting any tier of the program, any full priced purchase, totaling $3,000 or more, by November 15th will automatically enroll you in the program.
Any eligible purchases made between November 16th, 2019 and November 15th, 2020 will be applied to your account for rewards.

When are Rewards Available:
Rewards are calculated and issued beginning November 16th. All eligible Rewards will be available by December 1st. They are recorded digitally in your account, and can be easily looked up by any sales associate.

How to Redeem Rewards Online:
If you wish to redeem your Rewards through an online purchase, please call our Web Store at (505) 982-6192 before placing your order to ensure your Rewards are processed correctly.

Do Rewards Expire:
Rewards expire on November 16th of the next calendar year from when they are issued. They are available for use in any of our three stores or our web store before that time. 

Any More Questions:
For any questions or inquiries about this program or your own Rewards balance, please feel free to Contact Us at any time! We are more than happy to answer all of your questions and deeply appreciate your support of our business.