Stoneware Tumbler in Eggshell

Terra Coll Clayworks

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Terra Coll Clayworks Stoneware Tumbler in Eggshell

• Entirely Handmade
• Heavy-Grog Stoneware Clay
• High-Fire Glaze; Speckled Patina
• Unglazed Bottom Base with Maker's Mark

Terra Coll Clayworks create ceramics with a contemporary design approach and an emphasis on traditional handmade techniques. All work is crafted with a focus on their practical purpose because they are intended for daily use. Signature glazing highlights the inherent nature of clay while capturing a lived-in sensibility. Each piece is handmade by Tatiana Baibabaeva and Tyson Strang in New York City.

Material: Stoneware
Size: Approx. 3.25" x 3.5" x 3.87"
Origin: Made in the United States

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