Cashmere The Butterfly Panda Scarf in Silver & Smoke Grey

Sabina Savage

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Sabina Savage Cashmere The Butterfly Panda Scarf in Silver & Smoke Grey

• Square
• Printed from a Hand-Drawn Illustration
• The Original Illustration takes Sabina Around Six Weeks to Complete
• Matte Multicolor Print
• Slightly Sheer
• Hand-Finished, Fringed Edges
• Light Weight

Based on antique embroidery “samplers,” the Samplers of Sincerity collection features endangered or threatened species, alongside Victorian and Georgian mourning jewelry. Prior to the introduction of printing, embroiderers and lacemakers used samplers as a method to record their different stitches, motifs, and patterns for future reference.

What bless’d example do I find writ in the word of truth
Of children that began to mind all nature in their youth.
A panda soft, a tiger fierce, a butterfly in flight,
Is it not true that humankind in animals delights?
Defer not, friend, your acts of hope, now we must all be wise,
To-morrow’s sun, for our dear beasts again may ne’er rise.

Species featured in this design: Sumatran tiger, Red Panda, Giant Panda, Black footed ferret, Karner blue, Schaus’ swallowtail, Sussex emerald mot, Wolkberry zulu, Pearl bordered fritillary, High brown fritillary, Miami blue, Palos verdes, Black veined moth, White spotted sable moth, Macedonian greyling, Ornithoptera Croesus, Taita Blue-banded swallowtail, Eastern tiger swallowtail, Agrias amydon, ssp. boliviensis and Memento mori: Pyrenean Ibex (already extinct).

Fabric: 100% Cashmere
Size: Approx. 53" x 53"
Care: Dry Clean Only
Origin: Printed & Made in Como, Italy

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