Vintage Silk Jacquard Shawl in Dark Garnet

Christian Peau



Product Details

Christian Peau Vintage Silk Jacquard Shawl in Dark Garnet

• Handmade
• Made with Vintage Silk
• Textured
• Two Layers
• One Panel is Made from Silk with a Lovely Jacquard
• Jacquard Pattern is Composed of a Mix of: Cranes, Clouds, Daria, Kigiku, Hasu, Tsubaki and Kan Botan Flowers
• Medium Weight

Since 2002, Junji Koike has created a brand that is almost contradictory in nature — raw yet polished, artisanal yet avant-garde. Using 1950s repurposed silks from Japan and specialty fabrics, Christian Peau reinterprets classical silhouettes from a decidedly invigorating, contemporary standpoint.

Special Note: The vintage silk used in this collection is most likely vintage kinsha silk, a type of chirimen which is finer and lighter. This type of silk is most commonly used to make summer garments.

Material: 100% Silk; Lining: 100% Silk
Fabric Type: Woven
Size: 83" L x 47" W
Care: Dry Clean
Origin: Made in Japan

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