Handwoven Blanket in Brick Red & Dust Pink

Catarina Riccabona

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Catarina Riccabona Handwoven Blanket in Brick Red & Dust Pink

• Handwoven
• Made with Eco-Friendly Materials
• Made with Plant-Dyed or Recycled Yarns
• Fringed on Short Edges
• Knots are Visible Throughout Where Warp Yarns Were Joined

Catarina Riccabona weaves every throw by hand. Setting up her loom takes several days. After that, it can take anywhere from 1-3 days to weave an entire throw measuring approximately 40"x70". Her practice is based on environmental values, which means she uses unbleached and undyed linen in the warp. The weft, however, is typically made up of natural yarns like linen, hemp, undyed or plant-dyed wools and alpaca.

Weft: 100% Wool and Alpaca
Warp: 100% Linen
Size: Approx. 41" x 71"
Care: Gentle Hand Wash
Origin: London, England

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