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Avant Toi

Cashmere/ Silk in Gold


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Product Details

Avant Toi Cashmere/ Silk in Gold

• Cashmere/Silk Blend
• Rectangle
• Felted
• Medium Weight
• Fall/Winter 2020

Avant Toi is the cutting edge of luxury knitwear. Forward thinking, innovative and out of the ordinary, Avant Toi revolutionized the idea of what cashmere knitwear can be: distressed, urban, avant-garde while still maintaining elegance and a sophisticated essence. Superior quality Italian cashmere knits are created with artisan craftsmanship and then defaced, stained and maltreated to create Avant Toi’s signature juxtaposition of a grungy take on luxe.

Fabric: 70% Cashmere, 30% Silk
Attached: 100% Silk
Fabric Type: Woven
Size: Approx. 51" x 47"
Care: Dry Clean Only
Origin: Made in Italy