“Thanks to our family and team for lending their thoughts and voices | Their continued support and wisdom provides inspiration and keeps us going when things are challenging.

We put all of ourselves into the work we do. It’s not usually glamorous but is very rewarding and never boring.

This project was a long time in the making, 15 years to be exact. My first trip to Peru changed my life and gave me the opportunity to explore textiles in the way I had always dreamed.

I feel most comfortable being behind the scenes, lost in the process, collaborating and making. Knowing the people and processes intimately on all levels not only informs design but also the motivation to keep pushing forward together.

Revealing and reflecting the nuances of this process in the final pieces has always been the goal but inevitably it can’t encapsulate the whole story.

Hopefully this film opens a small window into the journey.”

— Lauren Manoogian

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