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Santa Fe Dry Goods

Santa Fe Dry Goods was opened in 1979 by Greig and Helga Porter at a time when the aesthetics and freedom of the Southwest became fashionable worldwide. In 2008, Greig and Helga’s daughter Shobhan purchased the busi- ness and set out to bring an increasingly global aesthetic to the store that is both intentional and forward-thinking. The store has always represented designers exploring unique adaptations of shape, texture, and color.

With over 4,000 square feet on the plaza, Santa Fe Dry Goods is a mainstay of the historical and cultural hub of downtown. The aesthetic roots of the company stem from the exploration of old and new, local and global, complex and simple. Ultimately, Santa Fe Dry Goods aims to pro- vide a rich and varied aesthetic to clients who are bold in their life’s works, highly independent, and who find refuge and enjoyment in beauty.


Shobhan opened Workshop in 2013 with a vision to explore unconventional styles that she had encountered traveling in Europe. Workshop represents up and coming designers who are redefining traditional notions of fashion.

The aesthetic roots of Porter Associates spur from a family background of world travel, antiques, and handicrafts. International friendship is also a central paradigm: bringing this type of art to Santa Fe is a joy and a long-term commit- ment where connectivity is key.

Wild Life

The newest addition to this family of stores, Wild Life, brings nature and culture to the forefront of home. Artisans from around the globe are represented. Here you will find master glassblower, Michael Ruh, alongside distinctive recycled glass from Oaxaca, Mexico, further juxtaposed with the particular clean lines of Danish-blown glass.

Other specialty items include woven raw cotton and alpaca from Argentinian makers, cashmere throws that are bathed in the glistening pure waters of the Alps, meticulously dyed textiles from the world’s foremost indigo-dyer, and hand-stamped table runners hailing from an Italian family with five generations of artisans.

Each item carried in Wild Life is made by hand, often with some combination of antique materials, handmade dyes and glazes, and sustainable making processes that honor the environment.