New Designer Maria Cornejo for Pre Fall 2017

When: April 1, 2017

Zero + Maria Cornejo is going to be a new line to Santa Fe Dry Goods store for the Pre-Fall 2017 collection. An atelier named Zero, it was created by designer Maria Cornejo in 1998. The VP of the brand will be speaking with the sales staff of our store Santa Fe Dry Goods on the Plaza in Downtown Santa Fe in preparation for the new line.

New Designer Maria Cornejo for Pre Fall 2017The clothing is modern and minimalist, yet comfortable and diversely welcoming. Luxury is translated into their timelessly simple and sophisticated style. This simplicity is intentional and seamlessly dynamic for each individual wearer in style and comfort. In contrast to imposing a certain style, the garments are inclusive and flattering.

Along with its social impact, Zero + Maria Cornejo are dedicated to advancing their environmental-friendly production by using vegetable dye and natural materials such as silk as often as possible. Maria’s clothing is never limited in design by these dedications. In fact, it builds a sort of standard in creating clothing people will wear, not waste.