Oska Oversized Vernita Top in Granite

When: August 8, 2017

Oska Wool Unsta Cardigan in GraniteSome of the defining characteristics of all Oska clothing are versatile and subdued colors, lasting quality and timelessness, and approachable but expressive design. Each piece shows their focus on comfort with shapes allowing for daily movement and materials that give a pleasant feel for the wearer.

Oska Oversized Vernita Top in Slate GreyOur latest Oska shipment from the Fall/Winter 2017 collection is no exception in shades of grey that will work easily into current wardrobes and seasons to come. The shapes range from casual to feminine understated to relaxed sporty. Oska’s materials are cotton and wool. The jersey knit tops have a comfortable stretch and wave textured pattern, while a wool piece has a tweed-like appearance that is soft and durable. The play of texture in this collection is all cohesive and versatile thanks to their neutral tones.

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