Vita Kin Embroidery Detail

When: March 15, 2019

It was during Paris’ fashion week in 2015, that Vita Kin was originally featured in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar for introducing vyshyvankas to modern fashion design. Until then and even now, she has primarily advertised her designs through her Instagram account, where she showcases her take on traditional Ukrainian design painted in a contemporary context. Although Vita has the opportunity based on the amount of interest in her work to expand and outsource other factories, she insists that she isn’t interested in chasing after quick results and would never sacrifice the quality of her work. She would rather invest her time in creating pieces that she feels are the best she can offer, even if it is labor intensive.

From design to production, Vita Kin is laser-focused on creating work with embroidery and appliqué that is extremely artistic and personal. Although her designs are based in her Ukrainian ancestry, she also takes inspiration from other sources like Aztec embroidery and the Guatemalan’s use of color, all of which culminates in clothing that conveys a deeper connection.