Gilda Midani Organdy Pattern Dyed Oversized Dress in Grey Stain

When: September 21, 2017

Gilda Midani Pattern Dyed Short Sleeve Monoprix Tee in Cream & Deep Blue StripesGilda Midani clothing is freeing and full of personality; it is comfort disguised as elegant, artistic, and lively. The Resort 2018 collection has arrived and is available online and in-store at Workshop.

Gilda Midani Pattern Dyed Short Sleeve Super Tee in Deep Sea | Santa Fe Dry Goods & WorkshopDeep sea blue, pale pink, sky blue, and apricot are uniquely hand-dyed on natural cotton and linen. Bold stripes with detailed rough edges, motifs that resemble marble, and abstract blue and white print decorated in orange speckles. Even the monochromatic pieces reflect their story of the dye, moving across the fabric and darkening areas it touches.

Soft and flexible or airy and voluminous, both textiles are used to allow comfort in the body’s daily movement. Adventurous and full of experience, Gilda Midani designs clothing that are expressive yet practical.

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