Al011pi Cashmere Scarf

When: January 27, 2017

Alfredo Magliola and Gian Pietro Tonel are the creative driving forces behind Alonpi Cashmere, which has been run by the Pietro family for generations since 1916. Alfredo Magliola, the creative director, designed and developed the double face printed cashmere and cashmere/silk that is unique to Alonpi Cashmere. Gian Pietro Tonel, with a background of interior design, brings another perspective and appreciation of art and fashion.

Alonpi CashmereTogether, the work from Alonpi, becomes the intersection of complex and simple. Alonpi has been perfecting and developing methods for decades, and the end result embodies effortless simplicity and depth. With years of evolution and production in Biella, this has created the highest quality and technically advanced cashmere that is not only incredibly soft, but difficult to replicate.

The designs of dyeing and printing have rich cultural roots, but stay cohesive, solid, and easier to wear. Techniques include hand-painted prints and Japanese shibori ombre dyes. Each bring a different textural appearance. The versatility of the designs lends itself to cross into many styles, such as intellectual, artful, and rustic.