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February - 2020

Blaise Cayol: Basket Weaving Demonstration

Blaise Cayol: Folk Art Market

BLAISE CAYOL BASKET WEAVING DEMONSTRATION AT WILD LIFE Blaise Cayol, from France, maintains a centuries old practice of weaving wicker baskets—an art form that produced generations of craftsmen and largely died out after World War II. Helping to revive this art, his technique incorporates all-natural materials that are gathered from locally grown plants. Their simple […]

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The Santa Fe Opera 2019

Upcoming: The Santa Fe Opera 2019 Image of the Santa Fe Opera via: Since 1957, opera lovers have been captivated by productions painted in front of northern New Mexico mountains. The Santa Fe Opera is one of the world’s most spectacular summer opera festivals. It is here that the adobe theater showcases performances that […]

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Mieko Mintz Inspired by Pantone: New Online

New Mieko Mintz pieces are available online. This year within Pantone’s release of colors for fashion, they recommended colors that reflect our mood and the need to be “vibrant without being overpowering.” They highlighted shades that illustrate our desire for authenticity and our continued need for creativity. Mieko Mintz is a star when it comes […]

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Jan Burtz: New Arrivals

jan burtz metallic plates and bowls

New arrivals from Jan Burtz have come in today and will be restocked at our Wild Life store.

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Introducing: Injiri

The word “Injiri” has a history that describes the brand itself. Meaning “real India,” it is deeply rooted in the culture and was once the highest quality of cloth one could own. It was worn and treasured by Kalabari chiefs for ceremonial occasions (like the birth of a child). Traditionally, it is a design made […]

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Ock Pop Tok: Folk Art Market Visiting Artist

Ock Pop Tok

Traditional Laotian silk loomer, Khamchanh Khoutthao, will be conducting a weaving demonstration at Santa Fe Dry Goods. Khamchanh represents Ock Pop Tok, an ethical practice, women-owned company that supports women artisans and their families.

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Holly Masterson: Folk Art Market Visiting Artist

Holly Masterson

Holly Masterson is one of Santa Fe’s premier jewelry artisans. She employs a process in which she combines methods of primitive casting and finishing with contemporary handcraft techniques.

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VOZ: Folk Art Market Visiting Artist


VOZ is a collective of over 60 Chilean women working as master artisan weavers. Jasmine describes the pristinely woven textiles as “artisanal and ethical luxury.”

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Péro: Folk Art Market Visiting Artist


To celebrate Folk Art Market, Santa Fe Dry Goods will debut the Péro new Fall 2018 Collection. Péro’s fresh take on the Fall palette includes hot pink and coral, a geometry of black and white checks, and accents of ornamental needle work.

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Gilda Midani: Folk Art Market Visiting Artist

Gilda Midani

Brazilian clothing designer Gilda Midani is known for the natural and mineral dyes she has created, and for the intricate paint splatters and hand-painted brush strokes that define her work.

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Aboubakar Fofana: Folk Art Market Visiting Artist


Known as the foremost indigo-dyer in the world, Aboubakar’s design sense is influenced by a global aesthetic and truly world-class mastery of craft. Aboubakar describes indigo as “a living blue,” and dyes his textiles with the plants sourced from his very own indigo farm in Mali.

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Mieko Mintz: Folk Art Market Visiting Artist

Mieko Mintz

Japanese designer, Mieko Mintz, repurposes antique and vintage kantha-stitched textiles into jackets. Kantha is a distinct running stitch done by hand that originated in India 400 years ago.

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Closed Jeans for Pre-Fall

Closed Jeans for pre-fall have a soft tonal quality. Colors like dusty pink, sun bleached pumpkin, and different blues bring a new palette that can’t be missed. Closed Jeans pair with most of our clothing and it is fun to mix their unique colors with other sophisticated hues.

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Introducing Boboutic

Introducing Boboutic Conceptual knitwear  When we think knitwear, we often think of the garments that supplement an outfit rather statement pieces — the thin undershirt, the tights below a stunning dress, or the pullover sweater for an afternoon at home. Knitwear has been confined to essential, yet uneventful apparel. Boboutic’s mission rejects this quotidian notion of […]

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Inside | Out Vol. 2: Embroidery – The Craft of Two Hands

Historians may never know when embroidery first came into being, but it is safe to say that as long as people have been making clothes out of fiber, they have also been embroidering them. The sewing techniques people use to make, tailor, mend, or reinforce clothes also opens a world of possibilities to decorate and […]

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