Studio Xaquixe – Oaxacan Craft

“Beyond expanding the appreciation of glass as an art form, we want to further sustainability as a culture.” — Salime Harp Cruces & Christian Thornton

Studio Xaquixe Glassware

In Zapotec, xaquixe means “at the base of the mountain.”

Nestled in the heart of The Mixtec Knot, the convergence of Mexico’s two mountain ranges, sits the Studio Xaquixe workshop – a handblown glassware collective making colorful, unique home goods that are joyfully down-to-earth.

Studio Xaquixe Glassware

Tucked within a smithery stacked high with cast-off bottles, vases and scrap glass, Studio Xaquixe was born from the unexpected pairing of artist Christian Thornton and industrial engineer Salime Harp Cruces.

By combining their disparate skill sets and interests, the duo has catalyzed the nexus of invention and design within their totally unique glassware.

From the crushed, recycled glass that makes up their base material to the ovens and equipment powered by recycled cooking oil, sustainability is infused into the very fabric of their process.

The distinctive colorways are born from the various cast-off glass scrap that they collect from around Oaxaca – molten down into their rich saffron, turquoise and fuchsia colorways.

Studio Xaquixe Glassware

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