Astier de Villatte: The Fall Table

Influenced by the aesthetics of the ancestral French countryside, Astier de Villatte’s unique tableware celebrates and emphasizes the imperfections and natural beauty of handmade ceramics.

Astier de Villatte

The beauty of autumn is best captured by the tables we set – large familial gatherings, intimate dinners for two, and perhaps a spot of tea in the garden on a cool, sun-speckled afternoon.

Astier de Villatte

Dabbling in all realms of home, Astier adds a selection of artful accoutrements, such as candlesticks and cake stands, to their vast home goods repertoire.

The presence of these objects elevates the everyday table, creating additional levels of visual and tactile interest that are simultaneously sophisticated and unpretentious.

Astier de Villatte

The true soul of Astier de Villatte is the ability to play – mix and match a Robinson plate with a Marguerite bowl or an Alexandre cup for a unique setting.

Each dish, and every combination, ultimately acts as a reflection of personal taste, making this creamy dishware the perfect backdrop for a memorable gathering.

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