Faliero Sarti

When: January 31, 2018

Lanificio Faliero Sarti

In 1949, Lanificio Faliero Sarti was started with the goal to manufacture textiles from raw materials for fashion designers. After 40 years, L’Accessorio Faliero Sarti was founded, which is now led by Creative Director Monica Sarti. Since then, the company now supplies prestigious fashion designers exquisite textile. The company’s continued success was likely because of Monica Sarti’s bold approach. As a result, Santa Fe Dry Goods is delighted to have new scarves from one of the greatest Italian textile producers.

New Arrivals

The scarves are soft and lightweight because of their materials. As usual, the scarves are made with the highest quality of wool, silk, cashmere, and modal. Due to the understated pastels to vibrant hues, the scarves can be worn in any season and many occasions. Because of the textile innovation and creative styling, the new scarves have a light and airy style that is highlighted with metallic details.

Each scarf is the perfect balance of practical and artful—in other words, it was intentionally designed to accompany an outfit. Metallic splatter paint, sequins, or shimmering threads are added. As a result, subtle glamour is created with luxuriously soft fabric. Due to the versatile and dynamic style, we are happy to carry it alongside many of the other designers we carry.

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