Suzusan Shibori Process Detail

When: January 12, 2018

Suzusan and Shibori

Suzusan Shibori Process DetailThe shibori process of twisting, folding, or tying textiles before dyeing has been a Japanese tradition for over 400 years. Similarly, this has been a Murase family tradition for over a century. Still today, the family continues the resist-dyeing process in traditional practice. Essentially, this means that at least three skilled artisans work together in the slow process of planning, meticulous threading, and manipulation methods. However, Hiroyuki Murase, the Creative Director of Suzusan and fifth generation of the Murase family, seeks to preserve this craft as well as combining it with innovation for contemporary relevance.

Traditionally, the shibori process was primarily applied to silk or cotton, with indigo dye, which was then used to create kimonos. Yet, artisans and families developed many techniques and methods of threading that was efficient yet detailed—any small variance changed the outcome. As a result, the different patterns with subtle nuances became unique signatures of families or individuals.

In a similar fashion, Suzusan strives to develop unique patterns, with pieces passing through the hands of multiple people before it is finished. Although, Hiroyuki’s desire for innovation lead to the family using other high-quality materials such as cashmere and silk. The shibori technique allows for continuous evolution and magic of technique; that combined with the skill, experience, and aesthetic of history, has allowed the brand to be recognized globally.

Suzusan shibori dyeing process detail

Suzusan at Workshop

We welcome this blend of traditional roots and modern style to our store Workshop. Specifically, we have a collection of cashmere sweaters and silk scarves are available online and in-store. From a single bold green stripe to indigo blue abstract blotches or small motifs reminiscent of chromosomes, the collection has soft subtleties that are a hallmark of their handmade nature. Despite the print complexities, the brand offers super soft materials and a relaxed boxy fit. In the end, the garments are casual yet artful.

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