When: November 30, 2018

The word “Injiri” has a history that describes the brand itself. Meaning “real India,” it is deeply rooted in the culture and was once the highest quality of cloth one could own. It was worn and treasured by Kalabari chiefs for ceremonial occasions (like the birth of a child). Traditionally, it is a design made up of vertical and horizontal lines making a plaid or check pattern and treasured for the skill that goes into producing such a beautiful piece.

Today, each Injiri product takes months to produce—from the original design process to making and touching the hands of countless artisans. The company’s textiles are incorporated into modern life around the world as bedspreads, throws, and pillows that integrate with the creams, taupes, blacks, indigo, and pops of red that are found in many of our living spaces today. They are both ornate and understated—casual and interesting. Injiri is sold online and in-store at Wild Life


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