Stamperia Bertozzi: Bread, Butter & Bruno Luce

Situated in the northern hills of Italy near the Adriatic Sea, Stamperia Bertozzi has been crafting exceptional ceramics and tableware for over three-generations.


The perfect fall morning starts with the perfect cup of coffee – cortado, cappuccino, strong espresso with just the right amount of crema along the top.

Add crusty Italian bread, French butter, a lump of brown sugar and the day melts into something even more tantalizing.

The backdrop for this aromatic spread? None other than the organic, glossy porcelain of Stamperia Bertozzi.


A three-generation Italian family business, Bertozzi has specialized in “stampe a mano” block-printed linens and hand-painted dishware since 1920.

Their colors are distilled organically using special vegetable dyes – a secret recipe passed down through their family.


Of particular note is their use of porcelain – a pure white clay imported from the Limoges region of France.

Antithetical to the traditional, paper-thin treatment of this delicate material, Bertozzi generously shapes their porcelain pieces with thick walls and handles.

The end result is dishware with a sophisticated, but playful country feel that is both durable and contemporary.


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