Rundholz: Winter Furs

For 30 years, Rundholz has stood out in fashion for their world-renowned, unconventional and experimental designs.

Rundholz Raccoon Hair Sweater and Scarf

Helmed by Carsten and Lenka Rundholz, a husband and wife duo with backgrounds in visual and graphic design, the couple founded the brand with a goal to expand the possibilities of feminine style.

Producing six collections a year, two for each of their three lines, Carsten’s designs for Rundholz embody his consistent desire to reflect his wife’s artistic spirit.

Carsten and Lenka Rundholz
Carsten and Lenka Rundholz Portrait via Rundholz

This season’s collection is no different.

To create the exceptionally cozy and sumptuous sweaters for the upcoming fall and winter months, Carsten and Lenka sourced raccoon fur from northern Asia.

Raccoon Hair Sweater
Raccoon Hair Sweater

A texture pleasing to the touch due to its soft nature, the fur’s origin in cold climates makes for a welcoming embrace.

During production, the raccoons are combed during their molting process, harmlessly removing the fur which is then spun into yarn.

After knitting the final product, the result is a comfortable, warm garment consisting of fur that pills less than conventional cashmere and wool fabrics.

Raccoon Hair Sweater
Raccoon Hair Sweater

As always, the feminine silhouettes of Rundholz are present.

Cinched cuts are offered that lead the bottom of the garment inward while still being contemporarily oversized and easy to wear.

Rundholz Raccoon Hair Sweater

Both in a cropped and full length look, the sleeves are left long to allow for coverage of the hands or for pulling up to the wrists which accentuates the cut and further flatters the wearer.

Colored in dark reds, subdued greens and wintry whites, the season-appropriate hues of this collection allow each sweater to add color or dimension when layered.

Rundholz Raccoon Hair Sweater

The raccoon fur sweaters of Rundholz’s newest collection are prime examples of Carsten and Lenka’s skill in producing innovative, versatile garments.

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