Ram Rijal: An Exhibition of Emerald, Sapphire & Gold

Custom treasures designed for galleries, studios and personal collections.

Ram Rijal Rings

Born in Nepal, Ram Rijal spent much of his childhood observing the traditional goldsmiths of Kathmandu.

This elemental education blossomed into a passion for gold and precious gems informed by centuries of Nepalese craftsmanship, and in turn a career as a self-taught jeweler exhibiting some of the most exquisite designs in jewelry today.

Ram Rijal Pendants
Ram Rijal Rings

The influences of Ram’s childhood are ever-present within his work. Timeless aesthetics echo from his hammered finishes – a lifetime of beauty captured within the facets of his specially selected gems.

In teardrop aquamarine, flecked brown diamond and peachy morganite, his rings and pendants ultimately feel ancient in their design – as if they have been unearthed from a bygone Shah treasure chest.

Ram Rijal Rings

Based in the UK, Ram’s work is exhibited in galleries and small studios across Europe, as well as Harrod’s in London.

In addition to his gallery work, he has acted as the jeweler for distinguished individuals, including British author Mimi Lipton – whose personal collection, studded with custom pieces from Ram, is currently on view at London’s Objet d’Emotion.

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