Pamela Adger: The Personal Collection

Throughout her life, Pamela Adger was a messenger. She communicated many arcane truths through not only her artwork, but also through her sheer presence.

Pamela Adger

After her passing in 2021, we were left contemplating what a future might look like without her.

Would others be able to capture her beauty, her light, her gentle way of existing?

We have found this question to be simultaneously difficult and illuminating – and that Pamela’s messages still abound within our everyday lives.

For those who found resonance within her work, a truth within the beauty of her spirit, it is our pleasure to share with you this last collection of her personal pieces from the archive.

Pamela Adger

Pamela Adger wrote that “all things have a voice.” To her, the body acts as an altar on which to adorn beautiful things. Showcasing the history held by the antique beads, gems and bones exhibited within her collections was her way of honoring the sacredness of these precious materials. Through this belief, she became known for her boundless positivity – a champion of beauty in all its forms.

Originally, her jewelry was made from ancient wooden objects and grew into an elaborate collection of treasures from around the world. Her pieces are instantly recognizable – works of art that transport us into other cultures, locales and times passed. There is a captured mysticism in this visual time travel – a moment of joy or awe catalyzed in brass.

Pamela Adger

As we continue to meditate on the effect Pamela Adger had on us and all within our community, we invite you to explore these last personal pieces – to get lost within the details of her carvings and beadwork.

They are physical representations of her — a wonderful woman, friend and Santa Fe icon — whose spirit is still very much alive here.

Within our stores, her home, The Raven’s Nest – now shared by her family – and many other places around town, her messages can still be found in abundance.

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