Hania: Color Innovation

After moving to New York City from West Germany as a single mother and professional ballerina, Anya Cole developed her knitting practice into the incredibly creative business Hania New York. Founded in 2012 she now produces two separate collections of high-quality, ethically handmade, luxury knitwear.

Todd & Duncan Cashmere Swatches

Hania New York offers a variety of sweaters, from machine to hand-knit. The yarns for their machine-knit collection are produced by the world-renowned mill Todd & Duncan, who are widely known for their quality cashmere in striking color stories. At their studio located on the banks of Loch Leven in Kinross, Scotland, they dream up every shade, melange and marl imaginable. Because of the location of their mills and the surrounding water’s natural purity, they are able to create the finest of cashmere. In addition, because they dye their fiber before it is spun, each of their textiles boast a superior color.

Their reputation as the leading cashmere color specialists is reflected in an archive that traces back to the root of their business in 1897. While their journey began in Alva, the textile hub of the Scottish industrial era, today they are the only Scottish spinner servicing quality manufacturers and fashion houses worldwide, such as Dior and Lainey Keogh.

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