Avant Toi Home: Eden’s Jungle

Avant Toi launched its first exclusive home goods collection in 2017. Hand painting, an iconic feature of the brand, decorated numerous blankets, covers, pillows and carpets. Beyond that, there were many elements of design that transformed the house into a magical haven. Avant Toi experimented with their passion to match and blend materials to create unique hand-made pieces. Over the course of a year, Avant Toi’s home goods gained great attention. This led to the creation of an Avant Toi Home Boutique in Milan during April of 2018. 

Avant Toi Home Goods
Images via: Avant Toi Facebook

This year, Avant Toi showcased its newest line of home goods during Milan Design Week, with the help of Yuri Catania. Yuri is a modern storyteller, art director, photographer and videographer. He has been working in fashion for over thirteen years and collaborated with Avant Toi on multiple occasions. This time, Yuri acted as the art director for Avant Toi’s Eden Jungle event.

Avant Toi Home Goods
Images via: Avant Toi Facebook

The Avant Toi House was framed in a lush forest, with virtual waterfalls, and Victorian-era furnishings. Tropical birds perched along monstera plants and hanging vines, full of joy and artistic liveliness. The presentation encompassed furnishing accessories from blankets to pillows and carpets, as well as cashmere and linen tablecloths. With a journey that began in a paradisiacal jungle, guests were traipsing through bathrooms and bedrooms, with a path ending in the dining room. All of those in attendance felt like the protagonists of a dreamlike setting, captivated by the natural surroundings and floral arrangements of flower artist Giò Ratti. Along the way, there were live performances by Matteo Bittante and his dancers. Because each of these performers engaged guests, it was easy to discover the beauty and authenticity of elements from the newest Avant Toi Home 2019 Collection.

By synthesizing luxury with nature, Avant Toi and Yuri Catania perfectly captured their appreciation for marvelous creations without boundaries.

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