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The Worth & Worth millinery has been creating stylish hats for nearly a century. Established in 1922, Worth & Worth founder John Margulies had a vision to change the way people viewed and shopped for hats. The idea was to create a hat brand offering a collection of distinctive styles and colors for every type of client. Worth & Worth hats were designed specifically to fit a person's face and build, essentially capturing the client's essences.

Over the years, Worth & Worth became a staple brand loved and respected by the biggest names in music, sports, television and film. The list of famous Worth & Worth devotees is lengthy and a testament to the brand’s popularity throughout the decades: Frank Sinatra, Humphrey Bogart, David Bowie, Elizabeth Taylor, Christie Brinkley, Kobe Bryant and Emma Watson to name a few.

In 1999 Worth & Worth welcomed its fourth and current owner, Orlando Palacios. Orlando is a heralded and creative artist based in New York City. A master craftsmen, he has spent almost 30 years designing and manufacturing the finest handcrafted hats for fashion designers, celebrities and Broadway shows. His passion for his craft enables him to keep the art of hat-making alive by using the same centuries-old techniques combined with innovation and his distinctive style.

Orlando's fresh new approach, creativity and ingenuity guided the brand through its 95th year in 2017, preserving a reputation of excellence and dedication while gaining significant notoriety from a new generation. Orlando has grown to be the go-to lid-crafter particularly for musicians, ranging from Keith Richards to Elvis Costello and Beyoncé.