Umrao Cashmere produces luxurious hand woven and hand knit blankets, throws and scarves using traditional, artisanal textile methods in Kathmandu, Nepal. The raw wool used comes from the best cashmere fiber available in Tibet & Mongolia, hand spun into super fine yarn. The result are modern pieces that resonate with an heirloom quality and bring warmth and beauty into your home.

One of the very few companies in the world to weave cashmere blankets and throws on Jacquard looms, Umrao Cashmere strives to preserve traditional handwork art forms while adding modern tools to expand their design capabilities. After weaving, their extensive production includes a custom 12-stage finishing process: scouring, milling, dyeing, milling, tassel knotting, picking, checking, mending, semi-final ironing, side trimming, final ironing and final checking before tagging and packaging.

Umrao Cashmere throws and blankets have an exquisitely soft hand feel. They are dyed using eco-friendly, azo-free and color fast dyes. Because of the hand made nature of these products, each is unique with slight variations in colors and patterns. Lightweight and luxurious, strong and supple, Umrao Cashmere throws imbue cozy comfort in any home.

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