In 1983, Juan Ruiz was working as a technical engineer in the textiles industry and Marta Ribas was a social worker specializing in psychology when the couple decided to uproot their lives to begin Teixidors. They moved right outside of Barcelona, and began from scratch–even building the wooden looms themselves and learning the traditional weaving process. The foundation of the brand is to employ people with learning disabilities. They discovered that the traditional technique of weaving with a wooden loom is a therapeutic process, as it exercises the psychomotor coordination and mental concentration.

The ecological collection exclusively uses Macomerinos Wool, a coveted, handwoven material. It is luxuriously soft and has 100% traceability, “from the birth of the sheep to the commercialization of the piece.” The throw’s color is due to the organic color of the wool. The ecological collection uses eco-friendly dyes for their statement appliquéd cords, giving the pieces textural intrigue and unique composition.