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Born in China and based in Milan, Italy, Miao Ran created his brand around the idea that clothes are a container for the body, with an emphasis on comfort because it is his belief that there is no greater luxury. his experience studying pattern cutting differentiates him from other designers, allowing him to understand exactly how the volumes and cuts he envisions will function once they are brought to life.

Miao Ran studied design and pattern making in some of the most prestigious art and design schools in europe. After an intense collaboration with missoni, he chose Milan as the place to establish his brand in 2015.

Distinguished by the use of fabric to create liquid silhouettes, Miao Ran’s garments are a place where each piece is made to adapt to the shape of the body. With an extraordinary sense of pictorial composition, many of his pieces also feature prints that can be combined in a myriad of ways.

Miao Ran Cotton Poppy Wide Leg Pants in Natural

Miao Ran

Cotton Poppy Wide Leg Pants in Natural

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