Majestic is the high-end line of tee shirts and lightweight knits produced by the the Majestic Filatures industrial fabric mill. Majestic Filatures produces fabric for 170 of the world’s premium brands, including Hermès, Chloe and the French luxury group Kering. Majestic is the house brand of the fabric mill, offering quality on par with the exclusive designer lines and a true Parisian elegance

Majestic Filatures has developed deluxe T-shirts exclusively handcrafted in Paris and manufactured in Europe. Their approach is to treat this basic item of clothing with luxury, simplicity and timelessness, making them arguably the best on the market. Yarns are all prewashed then undergo several quality tests. From artisanal hand dyeing to stone washing and distressed antique washes, Majestic strives to provide the highest level of quality, craftsmanship and comfort in every piece they produce.