Lou Zeldis is a wholly original jewelry artist. Lou is not a classically trained designer and is unconstrained by convention: his vision is unadulterated and purely his own. His methods are eccentric and his materials eclectic.

Though initially from the United States, where he acted on Broadway and traveled in the theater circuit, much of his artistic inspiration is drawn from his time living in Bali. Lou’s work gives a contradictory impression; it seems both ancient and sacred, yet simultaneously cutting edge and irreverent. Each design amplifies the natural magic of the stones or objects. His pieces are made of water buffalo horn, lapis from Afghanistan, ancient quartz “coins” from Africa, beach pebbles, shells, sterling silver and bronze.

His craftsmanship is both meticulous and precise in contrast with the often rough stones and blunt objects found in his pieces. Elegant and organic 22K gold and sterling silver boldly wraps around polished pebbles, lava rock, or lapis drops to create a look that is simultaneously delicate and intense. Raw and primal, abstract and striking, each Lou Zeldis piece is both meaningful and one of a kind.

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