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Kim Seybert founded her company on the belief that setting a beautiful table is as important as being beautifully dressed. Kim’s work has genuinely redefined and revolutionized what it means to set the table but equally important is her mission to preserve, encourage and support the talents and techniques of artisans from all over the world.

A purveyor of ‘fashion for the home,’ Kim started her business in 1998. On a work trip to China for her fashion design career, Kim saw vivid linens and textiles on display in the many bazaars and open-air markets. After purchasing a hand-embroidered pocket square, she realized this same type of workmanship could be brought to the table. The intricate hand-beading done by old-world artisans held much more value than what she currently saw in the market.

Kim set out to combine her personal philosophy and design experience to craft a supremely stylish collection for modern living. She brought her samples to luxury retailer Henri Bendel, who instantly scooped them up, followed by Neiman Marcus. With the tremendous support of such big name retailers, Kim has gone on to firmly establish her name worldwide, catering to the fashionable client who desires style for their table as well as their closet.