Denis Colomb designs a collection of ultra luxurious hand woven cashmere fashion and home accessories and apparel of impeccable quality and craftsmanship. The product line was inspired by his love of travel and desire to create a beautiful and unique collection of shawls, scarves, travel blankets and throws for the modern and discerning global customer. Blending pure line and geometric form with real materials, Denis’ aesthetic is a perfect marriage of modernism and centuries old Asian and European techniques.

Denis graduated from the famed ISAD, Istituto Superiore di Architettura e Design, in Milan. While practicing architecture, his penchant for travel and his affinity for eastern cultures often drew him to Nepal. He developed a deep appreciation for the artistry and traditional techniques of the local craftsmen. In 2003 Denis began experimenting with Mongolian cashmere, the finest in the world, working for months with several Nepali artisans to develop the first of his incredible hand loomed blankets. Today he perfects the textures and colors for his exquisite scarves, shawls and wraps in the same workshops where many Hermès items are also made.

Each of the company’s products evokes a unique comfort, sense of exclusivity and quiet luxury. Denis is constantly in awe of the deep spirituality and traditional lifestyle that has been part of the Nepali way of life for centuries and works to reflect this simple elegance with his products. Denis currently lives in Los Angeles, where he has set-up his design studio and showroom and travels frequently to Nepal to work on his collections.