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Prosper and Martine Assouline founded their publishing house, Assouline, based on the belief that books offer a sense of stability in our past and present that is lacking in the rapidity of our current digital world. Interested in the promotion of culture and knowledge, their brand publishes books of the highest quality whose graphic identity and savior-faire have captured the imaginations of many.

Beginning in the mid-90s, Assouline brought the illustrated book market to life with modern, luxurious and creative products. Known worldwide for bringing luxury to the publishing industry, Assouline produces one-of-a-kind books on fashion, art, architecture, photography, design and travel, weaving a story of ‘L’Art de Vivre’ with every publication.

Assouline is dedicated to creating books as informational as they are beautiful works of art. The respect for the product and the process of creation is evident in every facet - the traditional technique of hand-binding covers, the imagery that transports the reader to another place and time, the luxurious thickness of each page.

Beyond beautiful books, Assouline is invested in the promotion of culture, evolving into a global lifestyle brand with offices in New York, London and Paris. The brand represents a new level of sophistication in book publishing. The artisanship and craft behind the Assouline name results in a book appreciated by both casual readers and true connoisseurs.