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Berlin brand ANNTIAN sprung from a desire to create something long lasting and personal in a world of fast fashion. Since the very beginning in 2006, design duo Anne Hilken and Christian Kurt have created colourful, dynamic collections with sustainability at heart. ANNTIAN clothing is meant to pleasure one's life for many years with a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability.

Producing their collections in a sustainable manner is of great importance to the designers. Made by small regional manufacturers, they emphasize craftsmanship and high quality ecological materials. All of the fabrics are designed by ANNTIAN and the graphics are often hand-painted or hand-printed, making each piece unique. The intensive complexity in the details of each textile’s print creates a dynamic palette with a surprisingly vibrant clearness to its complexion.

ANNTIAN’s intention is to work on a certain theme in an intensive way, offering a true synopsis of a specific idea of individuality. ANNTIAN clothing is meant to imbue one’s life with pleasure, personality and inspiration for exploring the spectrum of experiences life has to offer. When combined with easy, approachable silhouettes the pieces find an artistic equilibrium with a unique look. These are clothes bursting with life and created to be loved. From sustainable fibers and intricate printing techniques, to the hidden details that can only be discovered when worn – these garments tell a story as unique as each person who wears them.

Anntian Simple Silk Top in Print F


Simple Silk Top in Print F

$455.00 Sale: $113.75