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Born from a love of the Himalayas and the finest cashmere fibers, Mirror in the Sky perfectly blends traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design. Each piece becomes a unique expression of those who contributed to its production, celebrating the meeting of hand and material.

Barcelona native Rosaura Marsinach is the founding designer of the company. Her eye for detail, love of color and passion for the softest cashmere is the driving force behind each Mirror in the Sky product and philosophy. Her designs celebrate the beauty of nature enhanced by Kashmiri weaving techniques introduced from India over four hundred years ago.

Each element of a Mirror in the Sky product is handmade in Nepal. Amazing quality begins with sourcing the very best cashmere from Hircus goats and baby yaks, each carefully combed during the spring molting season. The animals are not harmed in any way and Mirror in the Sky works with farmers who minimise their environmental impact.

Once collected the fibers are processed by hand with the utmost care and dedication: first handspun into yarn, which is then handwoven into fabric. This sensitive interaction of hand and yarn enhances each production step and creates the most delicate method of expressing the natural elegance and wondrous texture of the finest quality cashmere.

The people of the high Himalaya say the ‘mirror in the sky’ lets us see where we are, or where we belong in life. The ‘sky-mirror’ reflects our image showing our location as well as our values and ideas. Seeing our reflection, we begin to realise how we can enhance the life of others.
For Mirror in the Sky, it is an expression of sharing and enhancing the best of both amazing worlds in Barcelona and Kathmandu.