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After the Second World War, Dante Nesti was a young boy riding his bicycle around the streets of Florence, Italy. It was here that he had a chance encounter that led him to set up shop in his family’s garage to mix a butcher’s leftover scraps of fatty meat with soda to miraculously create bars of soap. In a time where soap was a scarce commodity, Dante suddenly had a newfound calling. With time and focus, he was successful in making soap out of the unusual materials and passed the much-needed product out to his family and friends.

By 1947, demands for Dante’s soap were continuously growing and his endeavor grew into a full-blown business. Now, the company is run by Nesti’s second and third generations and is the highest-regarded soap manufacturer in Europe. They implement a noble philosophy, using the classic cauldron method, and organic ingredients that are free of harmful chemicals. Along with being gentle on the skin, their products are vegan friendly, and never tested on animals.