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Julia Rieth and Detlef Stiebich are the dynamic duo behind the Hamburg, Germany based leather goods brand, Stiebich & Rieth. For Stiebich & Rieth the essence of design is rooted in the handmade. With this philosophy at the helm, the pair begin and end their design process by hand-sculpting their immaculate leathers. Never do they sketch or enlist automated design to create their highly architectural pieces. Instead, they prefer to work in a three-dimensional building process where additions and departures naturally occur as they perfect a design.

The driving force behind the brand is rooted in natural experimentation and excellent craft. They utilize saddle making techniques, such as double-needle stitching, in order to ensure the seams of their extra thick leather are immovable. All of their leathers are vegetable tanned and sourced in France, Italy, and Spain. Sturdy and classic, Stiebich & Rieth are hard to compare.