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Himla represents the epitome of Scandinavian Simplicity. The Swedish design company has been creating uncomplicated elegant linen and natural products for the home for over twenty five years. Providing a foundation for the individual to create their own home decor style, Himla produces sustainable products of timeless design with a sense of beauty in the color and fabric.

Himla works primarily with linen because this beautiful, environmentally friendly textile is both durable and has a high tensile strength. The linen fiber has a smooth surface which gives it soil-repellent properties as well as a high luster. Flax, the plant from which linen is derived, is a relatively sustainable crop. Grown in colder climates, it is exposed to fewer pests and requires very little watering. Flax is therefore less water-intensive and smaller quantities of chemicals are used in its cultivation compared to cotton.

Designs and products are based on simplicity with a foundation in the appreciation of colors, hues and shades. Himla is not a temporary style that quickly goes out of fashion. Most products are made of linen but they also work with other fully biodegradable natural materials like wool, silk and cotton.